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Reliable charging solutions close to where you live, work and play.

EVX provides reliable, accessible and sustainable EV charging solutions to local communities across Australia. 100% powered by renewable energy, our mission is to provide reliable EV charging points across the country – whenever you need it, and in the most accessible place.

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EVX: Our Solutions

Local Councils & Government

Mass rollout of low disruption kerbside EV charging infrastructure for local communities

EVX is making EV charging accessible and sustainable for local councils and governments. Our low-visual-impact infrastructure ensures communities across Australia can switch to electric vehicles even without off-street parking. We offer reliability, affordability and less visual disruption. We empower authorities to enhance their communities, while also creating new income streams. With future-proof technology, smart charging, and minimal impact on local electrical grids, EVX ensures a seamless transition to EVs without complex setups or expensive infrastructure development.

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  • The EVX Difference.

    We offer practical day-to-day charging based on typical consumer parking behaviour and not purely on rapid charge solutions that become inaccessible when needed.

    Long-term, our charging stations are designed to drive revenue: through advanced data propositions but ultimately through EV charging alone. At scale, we have the everyday solution to mass market charging, supported by local government and business.

    Hear from one of our Founders Sean McGinty, as he explains why EVX is the electric vehicle charging solution for you.