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Long-dwell locations like golf courses, resorts, and corporate parks are popular destinations where people leave their cars for a longer period of time. With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), these locations have a new opportunity to attract visitors by offering convenient and accessible EV charging.

EVs are becoming more common on the roads, and the need for EV charging infrastructure is growing. Many long-dwell locations already offer some level of charging for their guests, but with the increasing demand for EVs, it’s important for owners to think strategically about how they can best meet the needs of their visitors.

The Benefits

One of the key benefits of EV charging at long-dwell locations is the convenience it offers. Many people spend several hours at these destinations, and having access to EV charging can alleviate range anxiety and ensure that their vehicle is fully charged and ready for their next destination.

In addition to offering convenience to guests, long-dwell location owners can benefit from the installation of EV charging stations. Not only does it show a commitment to sustainability, but it can also attract more visitors who prioritise environmentally-friendly options. With the ability to charge multiple EVs simultaneously, long-dwell locations can increase their revenue and improve their reputation as a modern and forward-thinking destination.

Furthermore, installing EV charging infrastructure can also provide a competitive edge for long-dwell locations, as it’s still a relatively new concept in the industry. By being an early adopter, these locations can position themselves as leaders in the industry and attract visitors who value sustainable and eco-friendly options.

The Solution 

It’s important for long-dwell locations to consider the type of EV charging infrastructure they install to best meet the needs of their guests.

As per a recent poll by YouGov in 2021, over half (53%) of the participants agreed that the availability of widespread long-dwell charging, where electric vehicles are parked and charged for several hours, would be critical for the uptake of EVs. Furthermore, 43% of the participants suggested that the deployment of long-dwell charging infrastructure should happen now, emphasising the need for commercial charging stations. 

At EVX, we provide EV charging solutions for commercial long-dwell destinations, like golf courses, resorts, and corporate parks, to meet the growing demand for reliable and sustainable charging options.

In conclusion, long-dwell locations have a unique opportunity to tap into the growing EV market by offering convenient and accessible EV charging. Not only does it offer a competitive advantage and increase revenue, but it also provides a sustainable and eco-friendly option for visitors. By strategically installing the right EV charging infrastructure, long-dwell locations can attract more visitors and position themselves as leaders in the industry.

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