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Reliable charging solutions close to where people live, work and play.

EVX provides reliable, accessible and sustainable EV charging solutions to local communities across Australia. 100% powered by renewable energy, our mission is to provide reliable EV charging points across the country – whenever you need it, and in the most accessible place.

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Who We Are

Founders Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney, electricians with 30 years in the electricity supply industry, saw the need for better EV infrastructure. Teaming up with experts from the telecommunications and automotive industries with extensive experience in public infrastructure, EVX Australia aims to provide scalable, robust, and affordable public charging solutions for urban and regional areas, focusing on aiding local governments to meet current and future EV needs.

Our mission and unique offering unseen in the market

As experts with a strong background in electricity grid infrastructure and a strong partnership with electricity distributors, we can assist governments and organisations in providing a low-cost, small footprint solution: far more compatible with a “rollout at scale” strategy.

  • The EVX Difference.

    We offer practical day-to-day charging based on typical consumer parking behaviour and not purely on rapid charge solutions that become inaccessible when needed.

    Long-term, our charging stations are designed to drive revenue: through advanced data propositions but ultimately through EV charging alone. At scale, we have the everyday solution to mass market charging, supported by local government and business.

    Hear from one of our Founders Sean McGinty, as he explains why EVX is the electric vehicle charging solution for you.

The EVX Polecharger Solution

100% powered by renewable energy, we partner with local councils and utility distributors to help generate new income streams and offer sustainable charging facilities to local EV drivers.

EVX is on a mission to accelerate the transition to electric by providing a reliable, accessible, affordable and sustainable EV charging network across the country.

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Why choose EVX?

Our experts provide hassle-free solutions

  • We keep an eye on everything to ensure as little disruption as possible. Our advanced technology keeps an eye on your chargers 24/7, allowing for issues to be resolved as and when they arise
  • We tailor our offering to you and your local communities. Our team will utilise their expert knowledge across various factors to support you every step of the way

Reliable, future-proof, and scalable infrastructure

  • We are always thinking ahead to the future, and our infrastructure is designed with this in mind, with your residents at its centre. With infrastructure installed below-ground initially, we can easily add above-ground chargers without further disruption – making our technology a long-term solution
  • We are built to adapt to changing technologies. Our chargers are designed to last a long time without the need for replacements; therefore, they can be easily adapted to suit technological evolutions, including wireless chagrin and eMobility hubs

Getting ahead of legislation changes

  • If your community could benefit from an EVX Polecharger, contact us to learn more!