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Charging with EVX is simple. Start by downloading the EVX App, available on the App Store and Google Play.


Using the EVX App is Easy

Step 1: Download the EVX APP
Download from the App Store or Google Play to install the EVX App on your phone.

Step 2: Search the charger nearest you
Open the EVX App to find a charger nearby or search in a specific location.

Step 3: Charge
BYO cable is required. Our chargers are equiped with a Type 2 socket.

Step 4: Finish
The EVX App tracks the charging status of your EV and will alert you when maximum charging capacity is reached.


Is your charger universal?

Yes, our AC chargers are equipped with Type 2 sockets. As long as your EV has a Type 2 inlet, we can charge it.

Do you need to bring your own cable for public chargers?

Yes. Our public AC chargers do not come with a cable, so you need to BYO charging cable.

Why can I only get 7kW at a 22kW charger?

Charging power is limited by your EV’s manufacturer, and most EVs in Australia only allow 7kW or 11kW for AC charging, even if the charger can supply 22kW.

Charging power may also be limited by your charging cable, so make sure your charging cable capacity matches your EV’s max charging power.

How much does it cost to charge using a public charger?

It depends on your energy usage, duration, time of day, and subscription.

We’ve adopted a flexible pricing policy. For full details regarding pricing, please see the instruction page on the EVX mobile app.

How do I start/stop charging?

First, find the charger on your EVX mobile app and choose the right socket.

Second, connect the charging cable to your EV inlet and press the start button.

Third, the charger will verify your account and communicate with your car to start charging!

Stopping is easy, too. Press the stop button on ghd EVX mobile app.

Unlock your EV and unplug your cable.

How do I get my cable to release when I've finished charging my EV?

First, press the stop button on the app, or check whether your electric vehicle has a cable release feature. You should find details of this in the vehicle manual from the manufacturer.

Please turn off your vehicle and lock/unlock the car with your key fob. Some cars require you to press the unlock button up to 3 times, and some key fobs need to be near the charging port to work.

Many vehicles have an “Auto Lock/Unlock” button on the dashboard or near the charging port. It will usually be an icon of a lock and a power plug.

Last, disconnect the cable from both ends and hit the road!

If none of the above work, please call our 24/7 customer services team at 1300 911 811, and we’ll do our best to help you.

The charger does not start after I plug in?

First, check the charger’s status within the mobile app to make sure it’s in service or to see if you are required to check in.

Second, ensure the charger number in the app matches the actual charger number on the station. Some stations may have two chargers (for example 01a & 01b) so be sure you’re checking in at the correct charger.

Third, ensure the plug is fully seated in your vehicle’s charging port and wait up to a minute for the charger to start.

Re-initialize the charging from start. If it still has not started, please call our 24/7 customer services team on 1300 911 811 and we’ll do our best to help you.

What if another driver is breaking the parking rules for a charging station?

We know it can be frustrating to see someone in a charging spot beyond the limit or a non-electric vehicle blocking the station. You can try the below method:

  1. Check the Plugshare app. If someone’s checked in, you can send a message to them.
  2. Give the police a call to report this violation.

In the meantime, EVX is working on several features in our app to encourage good charging etiquette to maximise the use of our charging network.

What if a charging station isn't showing up on the app?

We are expanding our network every day!

This means that you might come across stations that are still undergoing their final send-off inspections and our rigorous commissioning process before being added to our network. Keep an eye out on the EVX app to see when these stations are made available to the public.