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EV charging for Local Council and Government

Mass rollout of Low Visual Impact charging infrastructure for local communities.

Support your local residents in making the switch to electric cars. We provide public sector EV charging stations, helping you to provide sustainable, cost-effective EV charging solutions for your residents. In addition, we’re dedicated to offering charging access to all communities, ensuring electric vehicles are a viable choice for those without current access to street parking.

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Keep your communities happy:

  • EVX allows for the mass-scale rollout of public charging infrastructure, making them more accessible than ever, no matter where you live
  • Communities without off-street parking can gain access to EV charging infrastructure through EVX
  • EVX’s technology is reliable and affordable, giving EV drivers minimal stress and the necessary confidence
  • EVX solutions have less visual impact: they remain discreet

Achieve your net zero goals:

  • Improve local air quality and make your authority a more attractive place to live – EVX chargers can be installed onto existing street furniture without interfering with local parking or introducing visual disruption
  • The charging stations are 100% powered by renewable energy, therefore playing a considerable part in the move towards a net zero future
  • EV’s release 66% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a standard petrol car, so by providing a mass rollout of our sustainable, accessible, and affordable EVX charging stations, we hope to encourage an uptake in electric vehicles

Generate new income streams:

  • Long-term, our charging stations are designed to drive revenue: through advanced data propositions but ultimately through EV charging alone. We have the everyday solution to mass market charging, supported by local government and business, at scale
  • Leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to further monetise your new EV charging points. From hosting Wi-Fi and fast fibre to parking, air and traffic sensors, EVX chargers can be monetised for public and private use of their IoT technologies

No complicated set up or expensive infrastructure to build:

  • Technological advancements such as wireless or inductive charging are entirely compatible with EVX – future-proofing is our goal
  • Low impact on the local electricity grid infrastructure by utilising faster AC charging with smart charging capability
  • There is no extra burden to overhaul the existing electricity supply infrastructure due to the AC charging approach and smart charging capability
  • The EVX Difference.

    We offer practical day-to-day charging based on typical consumer parking behaviour and not purely on rapid charge solutions that become inaccessible when needed.

    Long-term, our charging stations are designed to drive revenue: through advanced data propositions but ultimately through EV charging alone. At scale, we have the everyday solution to mass market charging, supported by local government and business.

    Hear from one of our Founders Sean McGinty, as he explains why EVX is the electric vehicle charging solution for you.

Why Choose EVX?

Our experts provide hassle-free solutions

  • We keep an eye on everything to ensure as little disruption as possible. Our advanced technology keeps an eye on your chargers 24/7, allowing for issues to be resolved as and when they arise
  • We tailor our offering to you and your local communities. Our team will utilise their expert knowledge across various factors to support you every step of the way

Reliable, future-proof, and scalable infrastructure

  • We are always thinking ahead to the future, and our infrastructure is designed with this in mind, with your residents at its centre. With infrastructure installed below-ground initially, we can easily add above-ground chargers without further disruption – making our technology a long-term solution
  • We are built to adapt to changing technologies. Our chargers are designed to last a long time without the need for replacements; therefore, they can be easily adapted to suit technological evolutions, including wireless chagrin and eMobility hubs

Getting ahead of legislation changes

  • Whether you’re an EV-owner, local council member, commercial business, residential developer, fleet company or property group owner, contact us to learn more!

Our Products

  • EVX Polecharger

    Scalable, robust public EV charging infrastructure designed for Australia

    • Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet local electrical and legislative standards
    • Minimum visual impact to the local landscape
    • Dual 22kW smart charging
    • Installation completed within hours
    • Perfect solution for residential areas with limited access to off street parking or power capacity in existing apartment complexes
    • Easy activation by RFID or via the EVX Mobile app
    • 24/7 Support