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The Australian Government will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26–28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. EVX is dedicated to doing its part in taking Australia to a zero-emissions future, with its charging network 100% powered by sustainable energy.

The challenge we face as a nation is the declining availability of charge points, compared to the increasing number of EV owners. Also, the current EV charging network is unreliable, and charge points can be hard to find. As we strive towards a net zero emissions future, demand for EV’s will be higher, and a reliable, sustainable, and accessible charging solution is necessary. This is where EVX comes in.

Our mission and unique offering unseen in the market

As experts with a strong background in electricity grid infrastructure and a strong partnership with electricity distributors, we have a range of simple solutions to assist governments and organisations in providing a low-cost, small footprint solution: far more compatible with a “rollout at scale” strategy.

Connected Kerb – trusted products and technology

EVX has a trusted partner: Connected Kerb (a highly-successful EV charging network based in the UK), with whom we share our trusted products, technology, values, and goals.

Our partnership with Connected Kerb means we have access to essential know-how when it comes to product development, case studies, and rollout data.

Connected Kerb provides a unique approach to EV charging infrastructure: its technology is a two-part solution. First, its smart cities system comprises a Power & Data Pack that is sunk beneath the pavement and housed in a protective steel box along with the visible, above-ground charge point socket. This provides power and data access, enabling an array of different hardware and software products. Using Connected Kerb’s same technology, we can support EV charge point technologies, environmental and air quality management sensors, parking management sensors, and various payment platforms. In the future, these same smart city boxes will power the data needed to drive advanced mobility and transportation technologies.

The range of sub-terranean “active” infrastructure paired with low profile, visually appealing, above ground “passive” infrastructure has been the key to proliferation of EV chargers in urban areas right across Europe.

Our technology is aimed at EV long-dwell charging. The idea is to provide convenient charge point infrastructure anywhere people will park for a long period of time, whether that be at work, at home, staying overnight at a hotel, and at leisure parks. Long-dwell charging is the key when it comes to our mission of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles at the rate required, and to make it more accessible so that EV uptake is bolstered ahead of the inevitable mass uptake of EV’s in Australia.

Key Features

  • Well-designed products, with low visual impact
  • Environmentally friendly, with recycle materials widely used across our product solutions
  • Smart, dynamic load control and multi-authorisation
  • Connectivity: our chargers are compatible with 5G, LTE, Wifi and IoT
  • Future proof: the unique design provides more space and flexibility for new technology and future upgrade
  • Peace of mind: we provide professional management services based on cloud platform