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The Australian Government will aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26–28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. EVX is dedicated to doing its part in taking Australia to a zero-emissions future, with its charging network 100% powered by sustainable energy.

The challenge we face as a nation is the declining availability of charge points, compared to the increasing number of EV owners. Also, the current EV charging network is unreliable, and charge points can be hard to find. As we strive towards a net zero emissions future, demand for EV’s will be higher, and a reliable, sustainable, and accessible charging solution is necessary. This is where EVX comes in.

Our mission and unique offering unseen in the market

As experts with a strong background in electricity grid infrastructure and a strong partnership with electricity distributors, we have a range of simple solutions to assist governments and organisations in providing a low-cost, small footprint solution: far more compatible with a “rollout at scale” strategy.