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From planning stops along the way to spending time with family or friends, going on a road trip is always an exciting journey. Even more exciting is when that road trip is taking place in a new electric vehicle (EV). If it’s your first time taking a longer trip in your EV, though, you likely have some questions about how to make the most of your holiday and avoid running out of battery on the road. 

With a well thought out plan, your EV road trip can be just as enjoyable as a traditional one, if not more so. Here are six questions to ask yourself when planning your electric road trip. 

1. What is my vehicle’s range? 

The first step in planning a road trip with an electric vehicle is to know your car’s range. Make sure you know the maximum distance your EV can travel on a full charge. This will help you plan your route and determine where you need to stop to recharge. Keep in mind that factors such as temperature, terrain, and driving style can affect your car’s range. While many believe that EVs have a poor range, that’s simply not the case. You can learn more about this myth on our blog: 5 Common EV Myths, Busted.

2. Where do I want to go? 

Once you know your car’s range, you can plan your route accordingly. In a large, spread out country like Australia, you’ll want to make sure that you aren’t caught out in the middle of nowhere. Make sure you plan your route to include charging stops, and factor in enough time for charging. As Ausgrid and our team at EVX carry out plans to rapidly expand the charging network, EV drivers will have plenty of destinations to choose from without worry of where to charge. 

3. What is the weather going to be like? 

Weather conditions can have a significant impact on your EV’s range. Cold temperatures can reduce your battery’s range by up to 40%. On the other hand, hot temperatures can also affect your range. Make sure you check the weather forecast for your route and adjust your plans accordingly.

4. Where is best to charge along the way? 

Not all charging stations are created equal. It’s important to know that your charge will be reliable and fast for quick charges in between overnight stops. Top up your knowledge on charging by reading our EV Charging 101 article. When planning your trip, make sure you choose charging stations that are compatible with your vehicle and have the charging speed you need. Also, keep in mind that some charging stations may be out of service, so have a backup plan in case you encounter a non-functional station.

5. What do I need to pack? 

Unlike traditional road trips where you can just fill up at a gas station, EV road trips require a little packing on your pat. Make sure you bring everything you need for your trip, including charging cables, adaptors, and any other charging accessories you may need. Also, make sure you have enough snacks, drinks, and entertainment to keep you (or little ones!) occupied during charging stops.

6. How can I make my trip more efficient?

One of the best ways to extend your EV’s range is to drive efficiently. Avoid rapid acceleration, and try to maintain a consistent speed. Also, use regenerative braking whenever possible, which can help recharge your battery.

Last but not least, have some fun! While an EV road trip may require a bit more planning, it can also be a lot of fun. Take the time to explore new places, try new foods, and meet new people. With the right mindset and proper preparation, an EV road trip can be an unforgettable adventure as you’re smoothly cruising down the road and saving on petrol.