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In Australia, the push towards a zero-emissions future is accelerating. The government aims to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 26–28% below 2005 levels by 2030. We are committed to supporting this goal with a charging network powered entirely by sustainable energy. As the number of electric vehicle (EV) owners rises, so does the urgency for reliable, accessible charging infrastructure. Currently, the EV charging network is unreliable and sparse, posing a challenge as demand for EVs continues to grow.

We step in to bridge this gap using our expertise in electricity grid infrastructure, and partnerships with distributors enable us to offer scalable, low-cost, and small-footprint EV charging solution. This solution is designed for easy integration into existing urban landscapes, supporting a “rollout at scale” strategy nationwide.

Through partnerships with local councils and governments, we provide low-visual-impact, kerbside EV charging infrastructure that minimises disruption while maximising accessibility. This infrastructure empowers communities without off-street parking to embrace electric mobility. By offering reliable, affordable, and visually unobtrusive charging solution, we ensure that all residents have access to sustainable transportation options.

Our commitment extends beyond infrastructure; we empower authorities to enhance community livability and create new revenue streams. With future-proof technology and smart charging capabilities, we facilitate a seamless transition to EVs without straining local electrical grids or requiring costly infrastructure upgrades.

At EVX, we’re leading Australia toward a cleaner, greener future where electric vehicles are accessible to all, paving the way for sustainable transportation solutions. To learn more about us and our solution, explore our website here.