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Australia is seeing a surge in electric vehicle (EV) ownership, and it’s not just city dwellers leading the way. A recent ABC News report highlights a surprising trend: EV sales in outer suburbs are now surpassing those in inner-city areas. This shift reflects a growing awareness of the environmental and financial benefits electric cars offer, along with a realisation that EVs are perfectly suited for suburban life.

Beyond the Petrol Pump: Savings and Convenience 

The cost of electricity to power an EV is typically much lower than the cost of petrol. Studies show that EV owners can save thousands of dollars on fuel costs each year. This translates to real financial benefits for everyday Australians, especially those who rely on their cars for commuting. But the benefits extend beyond your wallet.

While one of the biggest motivators for many drivers is the dramatic cost savings on fuel, you can also wave goodbye to those early-morning petrol station queues on top of fuel price spikes. Instead, you can conveniently charge in your community for a fraction of the price. 

At EVX, we’re passionate about making the switch to EVs accessible for all Australians. We understand that suburban drivers have unique needs, which is why we offer a convenient charging solution designed for where people live, work and play.

Charging on the Move: Solutions for Suburban Commuters

We take the worry out of charging electric vehicles in the suburbs and beyond. We understand the importance of  convenience, that’s why we developed the EVX Polecharger. These compact and reliable chargers are strategically placed on existing utility poles in areas where individuals may lack off-street parking or adequate power capacity in their apartment complexes for EV charging. Additionally, they are situated in places where suburban commuters tend to park for extended periods within the city. This means you can effortlessly top up your battery while going about your day, ensuring you have enough range for your drive back home.

We provide a reliable, accessible and sustainable EV charging solution to local communities across Australia. Explore more on our website here.