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With numerous articles detailing the difficulty EV owners have found charging their electric vehicles (EVs) without off-street parking, it’s no secret that charging insecurity has kept many Aussies from taking to the road in an EV, despite the fact that 73% of Australians agree that transitioning to EVs is important for the environment. 

What if we told you that a lack of private parking to charge your EV wouldn’t be a problem? What if – from your home to your work – EV ownership didn’t have to disrupt your daily routine to find a place to charge? 

The truth is, it can be. No driveway, no garage, no off-street parking – no problem. We have a robust charging solution for every type of EV driver. 

The Rise of EVs

Whether or not you’ve made the switch to an EV, electric vehicles are on the rise. Between federal and local government net zero emissions targets and general positive attitude of Australians towards EVs, it has been estimated that there will be more than 300,000 EVs on the road by 2026 – quite the jump from 40,000 that have been sold between 2011 and April 2022. 

According to the NSW Electric Vehicle Strategy, the government is looking to increase EV sales to 52% by 2030-31. To further reach net zero goals, it is estimated by The Conversation that 90% of all Australian car sales will need to be for EVs by 2050. 

Driving Change

In the meantime, Australians find themselves at an impasse: more public EV chargers are needed to encourage the switch, but more EVs are needed to show a need for more chargers. This is where we come in. 

Our world’s first EVX Polecharger has been developed from the ground up to meet the challenges utilities providers and local governments face in rolling out EV charging infrastructure. Designed and built in Australia, for Australia, we utilise existing utility poles which means that installation can be completed within hours of commission and without major impact to the local landscape. With our Polecharger, we will be able to bring convenient charge point infrastructure anywhere people will park for a long period of time. 

This allows more Australians to charge simply, especially those in residential areas without access to off-street parking or power capacity in their apartment complex for EV charging. 

Charging Up Infrastructure 

Working with the City of Newcastle and Ausgrid, we’re already meeting these challenges head on, where we unveiled the first EVX Polecharger in December 2022 to make charging more accessible and convenient for local residents or passersby. 

The first of many, we’re working with Ausgrid in their plan to install up to 30,000 chargers by 2029 with our robust, reliable charge points that we have adapted to be user friendly and maintain maximum lifespan. 

Our charge points are powered by 100% renewable energy and will encompass a number of areas across the country, making it easier to charge your EV close to where you live, work, and play. 

Please see our website or contact us here if you want to hear more about charging solutions.