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The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is gaining momentum, with sales surpassing 65,700 vehicles by September 2023, a remarkable surge from 2022’s 33,410. Forecasts predict even greater numbers in 2024, driven by Australia’s push toward net zero emissions. However, to facilitate this transition, a robust charging network is imperative.

A recent report by Car Expert breaks down public EV chargers by state, revealing the following distribution:

  • NSW: 715
  • VIC: 475
  • QLD: 433
  • WA: 315
  • SA: 238
  • TAS: 124
  • NT: 54
  • ACT: 38

For individuals considering the switch to electric vehicles, specific challenges related to the relatively limited charging network often deter the transition. Charging access stands out as a significant barrier, affecting 13.8% of potential EV users. The limited availability of charging infrastructure hinders the convenience of EV ownership. Additionally, 1.8% face obstacles due to the lack of off-street parking, posing challenges for convenient charging solutions. Range concerns, affecting 16.5%, contribute to range anxiety, questioning the feasibility of EVs for daily commuting or longer journeys. Overcoming these barriers is crucial for making electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. 

With a growing presence from Wollongong to Byron Bay and beyond, our revolutionary EVX Polecharger, stands ready to support this surge in EV adoption with more well-placed chargers in 2024 as we are uniquely positioned to assist local governments and councils. Here’s 10 ways how:

  1. Mass-Scale Rollout: We enable the mass-scale rollout of public charging infrastructure, making it accessible everywhere.
  2. Community Inclusion: Residents without off-street parking gain access to EV charging through our innovative solution.
  3. Minimal Visual Impact: Our solutions are designed with minimal visual impact, remaining discreet in urban environments.
  4. Renewable Energy: Charging stations are 100% powered by renewable energy, aligning with the global push for net zero emissions.
  5. Revenue-Driven Design: Our charging stations are designed for revenue generation, offering everyday solutions at scale.
  6. IoT Monetisation: Leveraging IoT technologies, our chargers can be monetised for public and private use.
  7. Smart Charging: Low impact on local electricity grids is ensured through faster AC charging with smart charging capability.
  8. Minimal Infrastructure Overhaul: Our AC charging approach minimises the need for extensive infrastructure overhaul.
  9. Reliable, Future Proof Infrastructure: Built to adapt to evolving technologies, our infrastructure is scalable, reliable, and future-proof.
  10. Preparing for 2030: With talks of a ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, EVX is the ideal partner for councils to future-proof their EV charging networks. The EVX Polecharger, the first in Australia, can be seamlessly installed on existing kerbside infrastructure, addressing the rising demand for EVs where people live, work, and play. 

Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.