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At EVX, our mission goes beyond merely charging electric vehicles; it’s about catalysing a transformative impact on communities. Rooted in our vision is the strategic alignment with local councils, enriching their social responsibility efforts and fostering mutually beneficial relationships. This synergy not only generates revenue streams for councils but also facilitates reinvestment into the very communities they diligently serve.

Central to our operational excellence are the insights and expertise of our founders, Sean McGinty and Kevin Mooney, each boasting over three decades of experience in the electricity distribution industry. Their profound understanding of the power network uniquely positions EVX to identify optimal EV charger locations without the need for additional power supply—an approach that circumvents the typical time-consuming and disruptive process associated with infrastructure upgrades, and so the EVX Polecharger was born. 

Beyond our founders, EVX is steered by a dynamic team. Our CEO, Andrew Forster, brings a wealth of experience in managing complex global operations, supply chains, and leadership in sales and marketing. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, Andrew plays a pivotal role in driving EVX’s mission to provide cutting-edge EV charging solutions for communities across Australia, where our Operations team takes over for installation. With over 9 years of expertise in the Telecommunication industry, Chief Technology Officer Snow Li is a wireless networks and technology maestro, while Doug, our Operations and Project Manager, is a qualified electrician driving collaboration across our deployments.

In urban landscapes where developers allocate limited power to sites, our innovative EVX Polecharger solution provides access to public EV infrastructure for individuals without off-street parking. Fitting directly onto pre-existing utility poles, this streamlined solution enables us to install EVX Polechargers in a matter of hours, ensuring minimal disruption to local communities. Plus, the power we use is green energy, contributing not only to environmental sustainability but also earning green credits and carbon credits for councils. This underscores our commitment to reducing carbon footprints on a global scale.

The EVX difference goes beyond conventional charging solutions. Our stations are meticulously designed for practical, day-to-day use, aligning seamlessly with typical consumer parking behaviour. We prioritise long-term revenue generation for councils, not just through advanced data propositions but fundamentally through EV charging itself. As we scale, our vision is to become the everyday solution for mass-market charging, fortified by unwavering support from local governments and businesses.

Together, our team is forging the future of sustainable EV charging in Australia with the EVX Polecharger—meticulously designed, proudly manufactured, and future-proofed for Australian communities. The dedication of our team, coupled with our visionary leaders, sets EVX apart in shaping the landscape of accessible, reliable, and eco-friendly EV charging solutions for communities across Australia.

Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.