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Introduction of Idle Fees at Select Charging Sites

We are updating our fee structure at certain sites within our network. While our base rates remain unchanged, we will be implementing idle fees to enhance the overall charging experience. This adjustment aims to:

  • Promote fair usage of our public kerbside charging locations
  • Improve availability during peak periods
  • Encourage adherence to appropriate charging etiquette as outlined in our terms of use

It’s crucial to note that idle fees will only be applicable during timed or restricted parking periods. You won’t incur any idle fees outside of these times, particularly overnight. Our commitment at EVX is to ensure a growing, sustainable, and reliable network for our customers, making it accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Before initiating your charging session, we kindly request you to check for idle fees on the EVX app. This will provide you with a clear understanding of the terms associated with your charging location.

We appreciate your ongoing support as we strive to create a more efficient and user-friendly charging network for everyone.