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Empowering Australia’s EV Future: The EVX Polecharger Advantage

In the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, the EVX Polecharger stands out as a testament to the power of collaboration with Australian businesses. Designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australia, this innovative charging solution embodies the spirit of local ingenuity, sustainability, and efficiency.

  1. Tailored for the Australian Landscape:

From the sandy shores of seaside towns to the bustling streets of busy cities, the EVX Polecharger is meticulously crafted to harmonise with the diverse Australian landscape. This is not just a charging solution; it’s a future-proof, versatile asset that seamlessly integrates into any environment with minimal visual impact.

  1. Local Expertise in Action:

Our collaboration with Vert Industrial Design House and All Metal Products exemplifies the fusion of local expertise. Vert’s innovative design thinking coupled with All Metal Products’ precision in manufacturing ensures that every EVX Polecharger is not only aesthetically pleasing but also made with the highest quality materials for long-term durability that can withstand the harsh Australian elements. 

  1. Rapid Deployment and Local Support:

One of our defining features is the ability to deploy chargers in a matter of hours on existing utility poles. This not only expedites the expansion of the charging network but also minimises disruption to local communities. Our team is on the ground working directly with local governments and councils, responding promptly to any issues, ensuring a seamless charging experience for EV users.

  1. Tackling Challenges Head-On:

Integrating the retail metre with the EV charger and ensuring safety in a public charging network were significant challenges. Adhering to all regulations and rules, we’ve overcome these obstacles, prioritising the safety of users while delivering a reliable and efficient charging solution.

  1. Supporting Local Businesses

Beyond creating a sustainable charging infrastructure, our collaboration supports local businesses, creating economic opportunities and fostering growth within our communities. This not only benefits our immediate partners but also contributes to the broader landscape of Australian communities where people live, work and play. 

The EVX Polecharger is more than a charging station; it’s a beacon of innovation and collaboration, bringing together the best of Australian design, manufacturing, and support. As we continue to evolve, we’re committed to empowering Australia’s transition to electric mobility, one EVX Polecharger at a time.

Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.