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The “State of Electric Vehicles” report revealed a remarkable surge in the sales of battery-powered cars. Over the past year, sales have skyrocketed by 121%, surpassing the total sales for all of 2022 within the first six months of 2023. 

As electric vehicles (EVs) surge in popularity, the demand for reliable and convenient charging solutions is more evident than ever. EV drivers need reliable charging options that cater to their needs. That’s where our EVX Polecharger comes into play, providing an answer to a variety of charging needs. 

In this blog, we explore the diverse locations where the EVX Polecharger can be a game-changer:

  1. High-Density Apartment Areas: Powering Up in Urban Communities

High-density apartment areas often face a common challenge: a lack of off-street parking for EV owners. This challenge can complicate home EV charging, and as observed on the streets of busy communities, it may pose potential dangers when EV owners resort to stretching extension cords from their homes to their vehicles. 

Our EVX Polecharger, designed with adaptability in mind, provides a solution. By mounting these chargers on existing utility poles, we minimise visual impact and quickly transforms urban streets into accessible charging hubs. The dual 22kW smart charging capability ensures efficient charging for apartment dwellers. Residents can conveniently power up their EVs while parked on the street, eliminating the need for dedicated home charging infrastructure

  1. Regional Holiday Towns: Stay, Charge and Explore

In regional holiday towns, tourists aren’t just looking for a quick pit stop to recharge; they’re spending extended periods exploring the area. The EVX Polecharger fits perfectly into this scenario. Whether visitors stay for a day, overnight or several days, these chargers offer the convenience and reliability required to meet their charging needs. Thanks to the scalable nature of the EVX Polecharger, holiday towns can cater to the growing demand for EV charging without major landscape alterations. Tourists can roam freely, knowing that accessible charging locations are available throughout their stay.

  1. Shop, Work and Play: Charging Where People Spend Their Time

To encourage EV adoption, it’s essential to have charging infrastructure where people shop, work and play. High-speed AC charging is the answer to meeting the needs of these locations. For establishments like restaurants and retailers, public charging near their business can drive more visitors to the local community. Customers who stay for a few hours can conveniently charge their EVs while enjoying a meal or shopping. The 11kW or 22kW AC charging provided by our EVX Polecharger makes it a suitable choice for such settings. It’s all about matching the charging speed with the expected dwell time. Slow, steady charging makes sense in scenarios like overnight hotel stays or full workdays, where drivers have time to spare.

Ultimately, the EVX Polecharger is a versatile solution designed to fit a wide range of locations and scenarios, offering reliable, accessible, and convenient charging to support local communities. Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.