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Electric vehicles (EVs) are a pivotal force in the global shift toward sustainability. These eco-friendly vehicles promise reduced greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air quality. However, the full realisation of their potential relies heavily on accessible and efficient charging infrastructure, especially in local communities.

Our goal is to empower these communities with a practical, sustainable and cost-effect solution, facilitating our mission to build sustainable communities. 

Keeping Communities Happy:
We enable the mass-scale rollout of public charging infrastructure, enhancing accessibility for EV users regardless of if they live in an urban centre or not. Our EVX Polecharger is available to all communities, especially those where off-street parking is limited. With reliable and affordable technology, we’ve build a solution designed exclusively for Australia, creating a seamless experience that minimises charging and installation stress. Moreover, their solutions are designed to be discreet and blend seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

Aiming for Net Zero:
One of the most significant challenges in achieving a sustainable future is reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. We take this challenge head-on by offering charging stations powered by renewable energy sources. By installing our EVX Polecharger onto existing street furniture without disrupting local parking, they actively contribute to net-zero goals. These stations play a considerable role in Australia’s journey towards a more sustainable future, releasing 66% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional petrol vehicles.

Creating New Income Streams:
Beyond our positive environmental impact, these charging stations offer additional benefits to local communities. These stations are designed to generate revenue through advanced data propositions and, ultimately, EV charging. Supported by local governments and businesses, the EVX Polecharger provides a sustainable, accessible, and cost-effective everyday solution for mass-market charging. 

Simplified Setup with Low Impact:
One of our key strengths lies in our forward-thinking approach. We’ve embraced technological advancements such as wireless and inductive charging, ensuring a future-proof solution. With a focus on low visual impact and minimal disruption to the local electricity grid infrastructure, our EVX Polecharger is an efficient and sustainable choice.

The role of EV charging goes beyond powering vehicles; it’s about revolutionising communities. By creating sustainable, accessible, and revenue-generating charging solutions, we are helping to build a brighter, greener, and more prosperous future. As the world continues to transition toward cleaner transportation options, the impact of EV charging on the environment, local economies, and quality of life within communities is undeniable. 

Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.