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The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is here, but the path to widespread EV adoption comes with its own set of challenges, particularly in building the necessary charging infrastructure. This is where we come in, as we’ve pioneered a solution to address these challenges by providing scalable, robust public EV charging infrastructure. We’ve made our mission to overcome the hurdles faced by local governments, utility providers and EV drivers. 

Challenges in EV Charging Infrastructure Deployment

  1. Balancing Infrastructure Expansion and Visual Impact

Local governments and communities are often concerned about the visual impact of charging infrastructure, especially in residential areas. Traditional charging solutions can be visually disruptive and may require extensive modifications to the existing landscape. Our unique EVX Polecharger offers a low-impact solution that utilises existing utility poles. This means minimal visual disruption while ensuring accessible EV charging.

  1. Meeting Electrical and Planning Regulations

The deployment of public EV charging infrastructure requires adherence to stringent electrical and planning regulations. These regulations can be complex and vary by location, making it challenging for governments and utility providers to roll out charging stations efficiently. We’ve taken on this challenge by developing the EVX Polecharger, designed from the ground up in Australia, for Australia to meet these regulations. This innovation allows for rapid installation, in only a matter of hours, and compliance with local electrical and planning rules.

  1. Accessible Charging for Residents without Off-Street Parking

Not everyone has the luxury of off-street parking with dedicated EV charging. This can be a significant barrier for residents who want to switch to electric vehicles. We address this challenge by making EV charging accessible even in communities without off-street parking. Our EVX Polecharger is designed to suit parallel street parking, making it easier for residents to charge their EVs without the need for dedicated parking spaces. Plus, we work directly with local councils on the installation, supporting a community shift to electric

The EVX Polecharger: A Solution for All

Our unique EVX Polecharger offers the following specifications:

  • Dual 22kW smart charging
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Bring Your Own (BYO) type 2 cable
  • Customer app (EVX)
  • RFID functionality
  • 24/7 support

The versatile and sustainable EVX Polecharger is designed to meet the evolving needs of local governments, utility providers and EV drivers. It’s a significant step toward making EV charging accessible, reliable, and efficient across Australia.

Driving a Sustainable Future

Australia is on the path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a net-zero emission future by 2030. However, the increasing number of EV owners and the limited availability of charging points pose significant challenges. The current EV charging network is often unreliable, making it crucial to establish a dependable, sustainable, and accessible charging solution. Not only does our commitment to a sustainable energy future align perfectly with Australia’s goals, but we’re dedicated to overcoming the challenges in EV charging infrastructure deployment. 

By providing innovative solutions, partnering with local governments, utility distributors,and other stakeholders while focusing on affordability, reliability and sustainability, we’re contributing to the accelerated transition to sustainable mobility. 

The future of EV charging in Australia is looking brighter, with a robust, accessible and reliable charging network on the horizon. Please see our solutions page, or contact us here if you want to hear more about how we’re working with local councils, governments, and utility providers to increase the EV charging network across Australia.