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We are on a mission to make EV charging accessible for everyone, which is why we’re partnering with Essential Energy and Wagners CFT on a groundbreaking trial of a streetlight EV charger in Port Macquarie, NSW. We’re excited about the potential of this innovative project to provide convenient and low-impact charging options for residents and visitors in regional areas.

This innovative project is all about providing low-impact and convenient charging options for residents and visitors in regional areas. The streetlight charger utilises existing infrastructure, eliminating the need for disruptive construction and bulky installations. Plus, it leverages the convenient locations of streetlights near curbs and parking spaces, making topping up your EV a breeze.

We’re working closely with Essential Energy, who sees this as a game-changer for expanding EV charging options across their network. As Justin Hillier, Essential Energy’s Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted, this solution opens doors for people who can’t install chargers at home and provides a convenient option for everyone.

This trial goes beyond convenience – it’s about making EVs a reality for more people. We believe local councils across NSW will be excited about the possibilities. Andrew Foster, EVX CEO, sees the seamless integration with existing infrastructure as a major benefit. This approach makes deploying new chargers easy and cost-effective, while minimising disruption during the planning process.

Wagners CFT, a leader in composite technology, brings their expertise to the table. Ryan Leeson, General Manager for Australia/New Zealand, shares our enthusiasm for providing a low-impact solution. Their composite technology allows us to leverage existing infrastructure in a sustainable way, perfectly aligning with the growing demand for EV charging.

The trial is up and running, and the public is encouraged to participate! The free-to-use charger is located near 1 Clarence Street, Port Macquarie, and will be operational until June 10th, 2024.

This trial represents a significant step towards a future with robust EV infrastructure in regional NSW. Together with Essential Energy and Wagners, we’re paving the way for sustainable transportation that’s accessible to all. To learn more about us and our solutions, explore more on our website here.