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A groundbreaking initiative is set to transform the landscape of electric vehicle (EV) adoption in New South Wales (NSW). With support from the NSW Government’s generous funding, we’re launching the installation of 154 new kerbside EV chargers across 77 sites, marking the largest rollout of public kerbside EV chargers in the country’s history.

This expansion of EV charging infrastructure is a significant step forward in supporting NSW’s transition to electric vehicles and making EV ownership more convenient and accessible for everyone. Kerbside charging is critical to the transition to electric vehicles across Australia, and providing fast, free charging to those who do not have access to off street charging. So with the installation of these new EVX Polechargers, we’re addressing the insufficient local EV charging infrastructure, thereby bolstering confidence among motorists to embrace sustainable transportation alternatives.

Our commitment to bridging the gap in charging infrastructure doesn’t end here. With this grant from the NSW Government, we’re expanding our network of reliable EVX Polechargers, placing them strategically where people need them most – near apartments, local shops, restaurants and cafes, schools, parks, beaches, workplaces and other everyday destinations. This is particularly beneficial for those EV owners in busy areas or those without their own driveway to park and charge in, making it as easy as grabbing a coffee, hitting the beach or running errands.

Alongside this project, the government is investing $149 million in EV fast chargers to reduce charging time, $20 million for EV destination charging grants to enhance ports at regional tourist spots, and $10 million to retrofit EV infrastructure in apartment buildings. This comprehensive approach underscores a collective commitment to fostering a greener future and making EV ownership more convenient for everyone and fostering a greener future for NSW and beyond. 

By offering convenient and accessible charging solutions, we’re empowering drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles with confidence.

To learn more about EVX and our innovative charging solutions, explore more on our website here.